1931's Café Deal Box is the perfect way to explore our range at a great price.


With this selection you can offer your customers an array of energizing morning brews, digestive afternoon remedies, and stress-reducing infusions. 

And if you prefer, you can always mix and match your own packs in our online shop to create your unique discovery box.


Shipping is FREE for any order £115 and over!


Café Deal Box - Free Shipping

  • Each box includes:


    Black Tea

    100 Pyramid Tea Bag Packs

    • Borough Breakfast (2)
    • Earl Grey (2)
    • Chai (1)


    Green Tea

    50 Pyramid Tea Bag Packs

    • Green Gunpowder (1)
    • Green Sencha (1)
    • Green Jasmine (1)


    Caffeine-Free Herbal Infusions

    50 Pyramid Tea Bag Packs

    • Peppermint (2)
    • Lemongrass & Ginger (2)
    • Hibiscus & Cinnamon (1)