A high grown organic tea from the misty Greenfield Estate with bergamot oil, the most delicious afternoon tea.

According to the ‘Grey’ family the tea was blended specially for the Lord during the 1800s by a Chinese Mandarin. It is said that he added the oils from a Bergamot Orange to offset the pre-existing flavour of Lime in the local waters at Howick Hall in Northumberland, where the Lord resided. 

So, in keeping with the original taste of this celebrated tea we add some Lime Peel essence to our blend just like the Earl enjoyed himself. 


This tea is enjoyed without milk.


The cool climate, mountain soil and the famous trade winds which sweep across the Indian Ocean give this tea its unique Uva character.


The Greenfield Estate produces some of the finest high grown teas in Sri Lanka but it maintains two other priorities that define exceptional tea, the people and the environment.

Earl Grey - 100 pyramid tea bags

  • Organic Ceylon black tea, organic bergamot oil